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Strangers (2007)

Directed by Erez Tadmor, Guy Nattiv
85 minutes, Israel


An Israeli kibbutznik, Eyal, and a Palestinian living in Paris, Rana, both descending on Berlin for the World Cup finals, meet accidentally when their identical backpacks get switched on the subway. This chance encounter turns into three days of magnetic attraction as they fall in love amidst crowds of roaring soccer fans. But as Rana jets suddenly and inexplicably back to Paris, the second Israel-Lebanon war breaks out, and a conflicted Eyal decides to search for her in spite of it all. Once they are in Paris, harsh realities of displacement, opposing opinions on the war, allegiances, and responsibilities test their bond. Yet it is on Europe's neutral ground that Rana and Eyal are somehow able to transcend deep wounds of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and relate as individuals. Their inextricably linked history and common homeland, certainly a source of discord, also seem to generate an intrinsic intimacy between them.

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  1. Sundance Film Festival (2008)
  2. Tribeca Film Festival (2008)