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Festival Similarity Measures for the
Maryland Film Festival (2007)
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This report shows the relationship between the chosen festival an other festivals in term of how similar their programs are. The percent values indicates the percent of films from the chosen festival [i.e. Maryland Film Festival] screened at that festival. The Log-Likelihood value is a statistical measure of whether there is signifigantly more (+) or less (-) films than expected from a chosen festival. The cosine similarity measure is a vector angle measurement of similarity that uses a cosine score between 0 and 1 to measure similarity of film programs. A score of 1 represents a complete match, while a score of 0 is a complete mismatch. The higher the cosine score the more similar the festivals are in terms of the films shown.
** Significant at a 0.01 level
** Significant at a 0.05 level

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