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The marketing of Independent Films


This blog began with my frustration over a lack of resources available to independent filmmakers to market their films. The Big Studios and Distribution companies all have teams who work diligently to make sure their film succeed in the marketplace, but independents are left to work things out on the their own with little help.

There is a widespread belief by many independent filmmakers that marketing has no place in their efforts, since they are not in filmmaking for the money. That’s a mistake, unless you have no desire to find an audience for your works.

Marketing is the means to make sure your movie gets seen a widely as possible and reaches the people you want to reach. There is nothing more thrilling than having a packed house watching your film and marketing can achieve that. You can also use it to earn back some or all of the money you just poured into last labor of love. For instance the choice between making your film 20 or 30 minutes long can have a major impact on where your film can be shown.

This blog seeks to reveal the rules that can make you successful as an independent film marketer. You are free to break any and all of these rules.

About the Author:

Matthew Syrett is a hybrid between a marketer, film producer, technologist, and statistician. He has previously worked as a Vice President at Grey Advertising in the Interactive Division and as the Vice President of Product Development for the LinkShare Corporation, which is one of the largest CPA ad networks in the World. He presently is a freelance marketing consultant/analyst and works with his wife Cynthia Wade making independent documentary films in Brooklyn. He is reachable at syrett (at)

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