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Flaws with other YouTube Optimization Recommendations

I have been researching the state of the art for YouTube optimization and I must admit it is weak.

What bugs me most with the previous work on this subject is that it lack any baseline to compare. Just because most popular videos are shorter than 5 minutes does not mean that it is wise to make your hopefully popular video shorter than 5 minutes.

Given that all videos on YouTube tend to be short, the question should be are five or less minute videos represented in the popular category more than expected by random chance sampling from the greater population. They are not. My early work suggest that it would be foolish to cut your video short to optimize its chances for popularity.

The other recommendation for optimization I found are equally poor and under theorized… the influence of tags needs to be better addressed beyond rolling over now dated search optimization strategies for tags.

Time of day and day of the week optimizations exist, but they lack rigor of quantifying why this is important and how this effects the success of videos.

All in all, we can do better.

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